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John Sherman, PT

Let's get you healthy again.

I started Full Spectrum Fitness to provide personal attention and improve quality of care for my clients. In my work as a physical therapist and trainer over the past 16 years, the traditional setting did not have the flexibility to provide this.

So many people seen for therapy and personal training receive substandard care due to constraints by insurance, lack of continuity of care in the name of profits, and cookie cutter exercise programming. My goal is to not only improve the health and performance of my clients, but also give them the tools needed to prevent reinjury, affording them resiliency and agency over their health.

The journey from function to fitness to performance is not always linear-- I have discovered this personally over the years, recovering from acute and recurring injuries associated with collegiate level sports, and testing my limits in the ultra endurance community and weight room.

Full Spectrum Fitness is just that, a place where I work with first time trainees to those with decades of experience. I have had the opportunity to help 98 year olds to 10 year olds improve their quality of life, discover the fitness activity they enjoy, and gain the tools to make it a sustainable lifestyle.

Don't just take my word for it.

Schelly Keefer

Full Spectrum Client

What is your favorite part of training Full Spectrum fitness?

"John did an evaluation when we met and because I work directly with him every time I feel he is much more accurate then being sent to a PT mill where I do not get the individual treatment, follow-up and attention that I am given working with him. He is far more aware of my progress, limitations and issues than one gets in the usual commercial physical therapy."

Who would you recommend John Sherman for?

"I think he would work effectively with anyone. He has the experience of being an athlete (Ultra-marathoner) so he can work with young people with sports injuries, someone just working on personal goals or someone who is dealing with the challenges that come with aging."

What has challenged you the most?

"I have had issues that have been misdiagnosed or not recognized by others. In my 60’s, it is hard to regain and rebuild physical capability, especially after years of wear and tear in sports and dance. Working with John, who accurately recognizes issues with his training, degrees and years of experience, I feel I am making great progress. He is sensitive to the realities of working with an older individual."

What are your fitness goals and how are you achieving them?

"I want to stay sound and not break. Previously I felt I was always recovering from injuries or issues exacerbated by different orthopedics who were not properly diagnosing and treating my problems. Now I feel more capable and looking forward to extended walks, hikes and dancing."

Byra Vion

"My favorite part of training with John is how knowledgeable he is and how quickly he is able to target areas that will provide the most improvement in daily life."

Don Vion

"A great aspect of working out with John is his assessments help keep you from wasting any time working on areas where you are already strong. He focuses in on what you really need, and that means sessions stay challenging."

Keith Haze

"Since I started working with John Sherman, he has helped me to lose 31 pounds. All of the bad Covid habits had overtaken me-- after buying some shorts for the summer that didn't fit, I drew a line in the sand, it was time for a change. Throughout the entire process John has been very supportive and can answer all of my questions. He isn't a gym employee that got promoted from front desk to "personal trainer," he has a degree and this is his career. He is a physical therapist and a workout nut. He developed a plan that met my personal goals and physical limitations. I committed to the goal and the results have been fun and encouraging."


Getting started is easy.

1. Book an open spot in Calendly

After booking with the Calendly app, we will be in touch with you within 48 hours to discuss your goals, any questions or concerns, and begin the process of creating a plan of care.


2. Download and fill out intake form

Download and fill out the intake form here.

You can also fill out a copy of the intake form during your initial assessment.

We will review the details of your questionnaire personally during our initial visit. After completing a physical assessment, we will discuss goals and collaborate on simple steps to get you started.

3. Get your health back

We will then develop an individual plan based on your goals and physical assessment, creating a personalized exercise program that we can refine as progress occurs.

A specific training plan will then be established based on performance goals and any potential inefficiencies or imbalances present in assessment of biomechanics.


Types of Assessments

The spectrum of a person's health journey may include all 3 or only one of the following assessments and there is certainly some overlap and it is always tailored specifically to the individual.

1. Rehab Assessment

(typically the first 2 to 3 months following an acute injury or dealing with a chronic injury)

Assessment of strength, range of motion, static posture, movement patterns, and aggravating activities/special tests to improve diagnostics followed by the prescription of a home exercise program and development of functional goals.

2. Fitness Assessment

Assessment of strength, range of motion, posture, cardiovascular/muscular endurance, and development of structured exercise program for the client's specific goals.

3. Performance Assessment

Assessment of range of motion and movement pattern efficiency specific to the sport or activity, as well as strength, power, speed, and endurance tests based on the sport or hobby's demands. A specific training plan will then be established based on performance goals and any potential inefficiencies or imbalances present in assessment of biomechanics.

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I’m always happy to answer any questions or concerns with a diagnosis or your fitness goals!

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